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Polish American Organizations / Slavic Interests

Polish Falcons of America  We take a leadership role in promoting cultural awareness within our membership and our communities. As our ethnic traditions are passed on from generation to generation, we proudly preserve our rich heritage while documenting and publishing the many achievements and activities of the Polish-American community and Poland.  You are cordially invited to discover how your membership in the Falcons can make a difference in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.   Polish American Journal  The PAJ is the nation's largest, independent English language monthly newspaper dedicated to the promotion, preservation and continuance of Polish American culture. It is published by Panagraphics, Inc., in Buffalo, New York. The PAJ has readers throughout the world. It is the most referenced Polish American publication in the Congressional Record.  Among the PAJ editors,columnists and writers are some of American Polonia's most respected personalities. Since it's founding in 1911, Polish American political, religious, fraternal, social and entertainment leaders have staffed the newspaper.
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